Gambling severely damages lives. It does not discriminate between age and gender. Many gamble away their hard-earned money and time with some ultimately losing everything. Many pathological gamblers run up heavy debts and have constant rows at home; family breakdowns are common and many innocent children of such families suffer as a result. The consequences of gambling are worse if such gamblers have borrowed money from loan sharks. The constant threats from ‘recovery agents’ cause fear not only to themselves, but to their families.

For many, gambling quickly becomes an addiction. In their helplessness, they lose their sense of right and wrong. Some are forced into a life of crime to fund their habit; others, feeling that they have reached the end, attempt suicide.

In 1996, a few Christians who were formerly gambling addicts but found new life by the grace of God, were burdened in their hearts to help others still trapped in the addiction. They wanted gamblers to know that through the power of the Gospel, God could give them the strength to overcome their compulsive gambling and have a healthy life.

Together with some Chinese Christian leaders and the help of the Bishop Ho Ming Wah Chinese Association, these former gamblers established the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation in 1996. Since then, the number of people seeking help from the Centre has been on the increase. Many come from long distances with some knocking at our door past midnight. Where there is a demand, we will go out and call on them.

On 27 November 2000, the Centre was registered as an independent charity.

All services provided by the Centre are free of charge, financed by voluntary gifts and offerings, and supported by voluntary workers. We hope that God will continue to bless this ministry so that help will continue to be available to those who need it.

Our Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report may be viewed from the Charity Commission’s website (please click here).

Organisation Members

Directors: Advisors:
Daniel Lai (Chairman) Rev CK Pan J.P.
Dr Bernard Chan (Secretary) Elizabeth Wong (Hon Legal Advisor)
Rita SH Tse (Treasurer) Susanna Yeun (Hon Auditor)
Dr. Viv Lee Centre Worker:
Maureen Wong Peter Chan (Manager)
Hing Bun Lok  
Chi Yan Cheung