Financial measures for the family members:

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Financial measures for the family members:

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  • Protect yourself;
  • Stop being a “facilitator” of gambling.

Then, Follow these general financial measures:

  • Do not repay the whole of the gambler’s debt in one go;
  •  Get to know all items of debts, the total amount and monthly repayments;
  • Try to have a debt restructuring plan;
  • Provide only limited money assistance and by instalments.

If your family member continues to gamble, you can try the following:

  • Cancel all joint credit cards;
  • Terminate all joint accounts;
  • You can privately open an account to protect yourself. Bank statements can be sent to your relative’s address;
  • Make sure that the gambler does not know your bank PIN number;
  • Keep valuables in a safety box to avoid the gambler from pawning them;
  • Check and destroy all pre-approved credit cards received in the post;
  • Do not guarantee any loans or take any financial responsibility;
  • Inform creditors of the gambling problem and request them not to lend any more money to the gambler;
  • Take control of managing the family’s finances.

If the gambler has stopped gambling, you can try the following:

  • Request the gambler to hand over or trim off all credit cards;
  • Request the gambler to transfer his salary into your account, and give them their living expenses on a weekly basis;
  • Request the gambler to explain their gambling problems to their creditors and offer to provide a repayment plan within thirty days;
  • Request the gambler to explain their gambling problem to relatives and friends and ask them not to lend out money to the gambler, in support of his recovery.