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The 3rd Europe Gospel Gambling Seminar 2020


Rehabilitation of Problem Gamblers: the Light of Faith and Science

The 3rd Europe Gospel Gambling Seminar - conquer with gambling culture and quit Gambling in Internet Age.

* Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are postponing the conference to a later date (to be advised)


Equip pastoral staff, church leaders and interested individuals to more effectively help individuals and families affected by gambling and develop the gospel and gambling ministry.

Topics include

  • How to contend with gambling culture? Promote and educate the next generation?
  • Prevent youth online gambling
  • How to pasture gamblers and their families
  • Completely quit gambling with the combination of faith and counseling

Dr. Bonnie Lee 加拿大萊斯布里奇大學University
of Lethbridge

陳鎮國牧師  畢業於馬來西亞神召會聖經學院,亦是加拿大認可為賭博心理輔導培訓師。分別在馬來西亞,新加坡和香港等地區做牧養及宣教工作達十七年之久,曾在香港及澳門的工福問題賭徒復康中心,擔任戒賭輔導師牧師及中心負責人,亦於馬來西亞新山創立了展望戒賭中心。

Date: 6-8/July/2020 (Monday starts at 1200 to Wednesday 1600 ended
Location: United Kingdom Milton Keynes COCM Mission Center。
Fee (包食宿)£150 each person;Before 6/Apr£120 each
Language:mainly Cantonese , Madarian translation can be arranged

Application and inquiry, please contact :

Organisation:The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation – HomeUK
Tel: +44(0)20 7833 8626
Address: 58A Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BB, UK

<Application Online>

Charity Organisation Number:1147459

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Testimonies – Tsang


KK: Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. 

(II Peter 1:4)

“From childhood to middle age, gambling was my life. I ran into huge debts and my family disowned me, and yet the lure of gambling was still irresistible. I was so desperate that I wanted to end my life. By chance I heard about the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation, and approached it for help. With the compassionate help of the staff there, I accepted the salvation freely given by God. Although at first I had relapsed, yet with God’s promise of forgiveness, I have repented. Now I no longer gamble, and my relationship with my family has improved tremendously.”

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Testimonial – Lee

Li: Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything. (II Corinthians 6:10)

“People say, ‘If your business is failing, go gambling’. But I have found that when you are heavily in debt, friends fall away and life becomes meaningless. I am now over 80. I stopped gambling when I became a Christian three years ago, and have been trying to repay my debts. But my debts are enormous. My payments barely cover the interest, and it looks as though I shall be living with my debts for the rest of my life. However, I know that I have to bear the consequences of my past misdeeds. I now have peace in my heart, and I am happy even though I am poor.”

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Testimonies – Wong

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10) 
“I became a compulsive gambler after I came to England. I could not stop gambling. I went to the casino after work every day, and did not go home until 3 or 4 am. I could think of nothing but gambling, and gambled away even the money my friends loaned to me for my business. But after I believed in Christ, I was changed completely. I know the meaning of life, and know what it is to live an abundant life. Now I even use my past to help those who are trapped in their gambling.”

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Testimonies – Tse


Tse: No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (Romans 8:37)

“I have a fairly good life in the UK. My husband works hard in his business. My young children are lovely. When I finish my housework, I used to go to the casino to have fun. It was OK at first. Even when I lost money, my husband did not complain. I knew that I shouldn’t, but when I itched to gamble and friends called, I went to the casino again. Many times when I tried to win back what I had lost, I did not go home until the early hours of the morning. My husband was angry, I quarrelled with him so fiercely that it frightened my children. Although I felt guilty about it, I did not give up gambling. It was only when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour that I could amend my ways, love my family, and say ‘No’ to gambling. Now my whole family is full of joy and laughter. Even my friends say that they want to know my Jesus!”

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Newsletter (November 2019)


感謝神 ! 於八月六日在倫敦華埠中國站,本中心與華人資料及諮詢中心,及華宣中心,合作擧辦了第二次的英國華人與賭博研討會,主题是「如何找到戒睹的力量 ?」特別誠邀香港的問題睹博諮詢師,關活佳博士來分享他的論文成果,他特別認爲輔導賭徒身邊的女性,無論是配偶,姐妹或母親,對賭徒的影響最大。

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Problem Gambling Recovery Training Day​


Problem Gambling Recovery Training Day

講員:從香港遠道而來,臨床經驗豐富,有「戒賭牧師」稱號的香港荃灣宣道會基蔭堂的 蕭如發牧師,并有兩對滿有經驗的資深戒賭輔導員及過來人分享實戰心得。



日期:10月13日 (星期五)


地點:福音戒賭中心,58A Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BB

報名及查詢:請電020 7833 8626 或電郵

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Newsletter (August 2018)





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CCGR Table Tennis Tournament 2018


Date: 17 Jan 2018 (Sat) 9:00am

Chinese Church in London
69-71 Brook Green, Hammersmith, W6 7BE

Application fee: £3
Prize Awards: £300

Tel: 020 7833 8626

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CCGR Chinese Youth Badminton Tournament (CYBT)


The 2nd Chinese Youth Badminton Tournament

WINNER: £50  (Gift Voucher & Trophy)

RUNNER UP:  (Trophy)

Medal for third prize 

(Participation medals for others)

Date: Saturday 11th November 2017
Time : 09:00–17:00
Venue : Sports Centre, 120 Wood Lane,
Isleworth, TW7 5FF
Events:Men‘s/Women’s – Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles
Qualification: Chinese residents within UK
Age: between 16–30 years
Registration fee: £10 per person per event
Deadline: 31st October 2017
Places are limited, enrolment on first-come basis


Contact us for details or register online
Address : 58A Birkenhead Street, London
Telephone : 020 7833 8626
E-mail :
Website :