Our Services

Debt Advice

We provide advice to our clients on debt management and liaise between our clients and their creditors to find a mutually acceptable solution


Personal evangelism

Through interviews and visits, we share the Gospel, explain how God’s salvation free gamblers from their addiction, and encourage them to attend a


Opening hours

Our Centre is open from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, except bank holidays. Staff are on hand to receive calls and meet people who come to seek hel


Fellowship gatherings

We hold regular fellowship and Bible study group meetings to share experience, provide mutual care and support, and build our spiritual lives upon the



We promote and publicise our ministry, share our experience, educate people about the problems of gambling, and assist churches or organisations to st


Center’s Services

With God’s love and compassion, we help gamblers who have come to Christ to re-assess their values, re-establish their life, restore relationship wi



News & Events